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Currently working on my first book:

Spectral Weathers: understanding loss, memory and senses of place through English landscapes. 

This blog is an extension of the thoughts that have gone into the writing of the book, and also a way of channeling my own feelings of loss and place into a creative practice. It’s also a repository of things I’ve watched and seen and liked and not like.

I called it Abyss Diving because I thought it sounded cooler than my own name – but to be honest that might have been a trash decision.

I’m a general div who swings violently from posting acerbically surreal witticisms on twitter, to waxing lyrical about tea, ambient jazz, and scented candles.

If you want to, you can find my vague 1 am shitposting about landscapes, trash TV, Kate Bush and other such things on twitter: @thelucylist

Or, if you prefer images, you can see the walks I go on and the landscapes I fall in love with on my instagram: @thelucylist


Drawn by @expletivesdrawleted