I am angry about Capital A Art

I’ve been thinking about something and I’m really fucking angry about it. I’m angry about Capital A Art. Art made into money maker. Art made into pontificating on a BBC documentary. Art made into summer insta moments whilst pretentiously making some statement on climate change. Why is it that I often feel like I never […]

Memphis – Public loss, public mourning.

Memphis is one of those cities where its history feels much too close to the surface. The blues seeps underneath your feet like a pulse, as though you were standing on the back of the beast, and the blues were its heartbeat. The ghosts of those gone by walk, ‘up union avenue’ or, can be […]

Watery bodies: at Hampstead Ladies Pond

Grass green under fingers, dead ringers for frothy fringe on the waters edge, dead ringers for green tinged limbs rippling under the surface of that grey green water at once reflecting sunbeams and thoughtless skies. I step out unclothed onto a concrete diving board to fling myself over the parapet into the pool beneath. A […]

Spring un-sprung

I have been moved to write this because I’m currently lying in my bed listening to a tawny owl call one half of the obligatory ‘Toowitt – Towoo’. It’s a little known fact (or at least it was little known to me) that the ‘Toowitt-Towoo’ is actually a conversation between two courting owls, and not […]