Near Window 29: Far Window

Ramadan Light

By Rezia Wahid
Oh Ramadan
Your light is the food of empty bellies
Your light illuminates dark houses
Your light adds magic to the hands of cooks
Your light waters the withered
Your light heals the sick

Your light is the mercy of the divine
Your light is joy to the unsmiling

Oh Ramadan 
Must you leave?

Oh Ramadan 
I shall keep your fragrance

Rezia Wahid is a textile artist who specialises in hand weaving. She is currently writing a PHD proposal which looks at engaging audiences and bringing people together with her weaving. Rezia is influenced by a wide range of subjects which includes Literature and Nature. She often writes words which come into her mind when praying, thinking, whilst looking at nature or alongside her drawings and designs- Rezia doesn’t call herself a writer or a poet but her woven pieces are just like poetry. She lives in London and balances work life with four young children as well as a husband who is a writer! 

Rezia’s work can be seen on Instagram @reziawahid1 She tweets @ReziaWahidWeave

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