Upward spirals – cultural returnings, and depressive ontology.

I think it’s very interesting that whilst I’ve been returning to the late 1990s and early 2000s through my writing, all of a sudden things that were popular then, are reappearing everywhere for me now – and I’m speaking specifically about popular things from between 1998, and 2003, rather than the general 1990s nostalgia that’s […]

Snow Wonder

Sometimes when I gaze into my eyes I think they look like bottomless pits. Especially when I look at them in tube windows and they meld into the upside down version of me visible in the curve. They become void orbs gazing out of the blackness of the tube behind, distorted by speed, and the […]

An open letter to a lost future

I find a photograph of your hands tucked in an important place in the book i am reading: Hidden Valleys by Justin Barton. The line it is marking out – ‘a gap is a place through which new worlds arrive’ – strikes me as pertinent. Here is a moment where you are appearing from an […]